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Read Security Deposit Disclosure/Application Policy

Application Fee

KRC charges a $45 application fee for each adult applicant.

Only one application fee payment of $45 is required for married couples.

Please pay your application fee & deposit below. When done, please make sure that you complete the application and click the YELLOW submit button at the bottom of this form or your application will not be received in our office.

Applicant 1

Personal Information

Current Address

Previous Address 2

Source(s) of income (if Employment, Indicate Employer)

You will be contacted by a Kleinman Realty Co representative to provide proof of income once the application is received.

You will be contacted by a Kleinman Realty Co representative to provide proof of enrollment and financial information once the application is received.

Other Source of Income/Employment

Automobile Information


Emergency Contact Information

Emergency Contact

Nearest Friend or Relative

Additional Information

Additional Occupants

(Under 18 Years Old)


I/WE authorize Rental History Reports to do a complete investigation of all information provided above. I/we have personally filled in and/or reviewed all information listed above. I/we understand that failure to complete this form completely and truthfully may result in denial and/or forfeit of deposit. A complete investigation may include any or all of the following: Credit Report, verification of employment and income, criminal record search, rental history references (including MHPA) and personal interviews with above references. I/we understand that I/we have a right to make a written request within 30 days to receive information pertaining to this report if I/we are not accepted based on information contained in the report. I/We authorize Rental History Reports to provide to the credit grantor federal and state records of employment and income history, including state employment security agency records. This authorization is for this transaction only and continues for one (1) year unless limited by state law, in which case the authorization continues in effect for the maximum period allowed by law, not to exceed one (1) year.

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